With our high-precision machinery we run a division with EWAG WS-11 machines, suitable for extremely complex tools in low batches. Bigger batches are produced in constant top quality, from the first to the last workpiece,  thanks to 9 CNC-machines of the latest generation.

High-precision machinery

Our newly added measuring machine permits an efficient and very accurate quality check of our tools. In addition we run 2 grinding machines and 2 Rollomatics.

Your tools

Our offer includes a broad choice of tools, starting with simple drills and including extremely complex specific tools, as well as many types of reamers, gun drills or engraving tools. (...). All these tools can be manufactured in tungsten carbide according to your plans.


We also offer various surface treatments and engravings on your tools which are made by experienced subcontractors. Please contact us for additional information.